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Welcome to our Lamp Shade Collection, where illumination meets sophistication, and every room is cast in the perfect light. Explore our curated range featuring shades of all styles, including our bestselling Salzburg Ikat, Handloomed, Wicker, Linen, and Pleated designs – each meticulously crafted to elevate your lighting and add a touch of tailored elegance to your space.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What factors should I consider when choosing between pleated lamp shades and cylinder lamp shades?

Consider the style and ambiance you want to achieve. Pleated shades offer a classic, elegant look, while cylinder shades provide a more modern and streamlined aesthetic.

How do boucle lamp shades differ from pleated and coolie shades, and what effect do they have on lighting?

Boucle shades feature a textured, looped fabric that adds visual interest and warmth to a space. They create a cozy ambiance and diffuse light softly. In contrast, pleated and coolie shades typically offer more uniform light distribution.

Are there specific design considerations for incorporating pleated lamp shades into my décor?

Yes, pleated lamp shades add a touch of sophistication and timeless elegance to a room. When selecting pleated shades, consider the size and shape of the lamp base to ensure a harmonious visual balance.

How do coolie lamp shades differ from pleated and cylinder shades in terms of light diffusion and design versatility?

Coolie shades feature a wide, shallow shape that directs light downward,
making them ideal for task lighting or creating a cozy atmosphere.
While pleated and cylinder shades offer different aesthetics, coolie
shades excel in providing focused illumination with a minimalist design.


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