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Transform your bedroom with Hudson Home's Bedroom Collection. Whether it's the functional beauty of Bedside Tables, the organized charm of Chests of Drawers, the glamorous allure of Dressing Tables, or the cozy embrace of Cushions, our curated selection ensures that your bedroom is a haven of style and relaxation.


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Bedside Table in Grey Shagreen with Antique Brass Accents
Antique Brass Accents
teracotta lamp base and shade
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some tips for arranging beds, bedside tables, and throws to create a cohesive and relaxing bedroom layout?

When arranging the bedroom layout, aim for a balanced and harmonious
arrangement that promotes relaxation and functionality. Position the bed
as the focal point of the room, ensuring it is centered and easily
accessible from all sides. Place bedside tables on either side of the
bed for symmetry and balance, allowing for convenient storage and
bedside lighting. Coordinate throws and blankets with the bedding and
decor to create a cohesive look, using them as accent pieces to add
warmth and visual interest to the space. Pay attention to scale and
proportion when selecting furniture and accessories to ensure a
well-balanced and relaxing bedroom environment.

How can throws and blankets contribute to the comfort and relaxation of the bedroom?

Throws and blankets are versatile accessories that add warmth, texture,
and visual interest to the bedroom while enhancing comfort and
relaxation. Drape a soft, lightweight throw over the foot of the bed or
layer it across the bedspread for an extra layer of warmth and coziness
during cooler months. Choose throws in plush fabrics such as fleece,
faux fur, or knit for added comfort and tactile appeal. Experiment with
different textures, colors, and patterns to infuse personality into the
bedroom decor while creating a welcoming and inviting space for

What role do bedside tables play in enhancing relaxation in the bedroom?

Bedside tables are essential elements for creating a relaxing bedroom
environment as they provide functional storage and contribute to the
overall aesthetic appeal. Choose bedside tables that complement the
style of your bed and decor, ensuring they are proportionate in size and
height. Use bedside tables to keep clutter at bay by incorporating
drawers or shelves for storing essentials such as books, reading
glasses, or nighttime skincare products. Additionally, consider adding
soft, ambient lighting with bedside lamps to create a cozy atmosphere
for unwinding before bedtime.

How can you maintain a neat and organized display of cushions in the bedroom?

Maintaining a neat and organized display of cushions in the bedroom is
essential for creating a polished and inviting space. To keep cushions
looking their best, fluff and rotate them regularly to prevent
flattening and maintain their shape. When not in use, store extra
cushions in a decorative basket or storage ottoman to keep them tidy and
easily accessible. If using cushions as decorative accents on the bed,
arrange them neatly each morning to create a polished and inviting look.
Additionally, consider using cushion covers with removable and washable
designs for easy cleaning and maintenance.


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