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Bespoke Furniture - Will It Fit...

Please check the dimensions of your chosen sofa against the internal measurements of doors, stairs, and narrow spaces that will need to be navigated before placing your order.

Most upholstery has an amount of squash, which can vary in size by approximately 3cm.

We recommend you write down the width, height, and depth of your item and walk through the delivery route in your house taking key measurements including the front door, internal doors, hallway space, and stairs.


  • Measure the doorway width at the narrowest point and the height (if needed).
  • If the doorway is wider than height of the sofa -  then it will fit through horizontally, you just need to make sure there is ample room to go through the door on either side.
  • If the doorway is narrower than the height of the sofa but higher than the sofas width  - then it should push through vertically as long as there is space on either side of the door to rotate item.
  • If the doorway is narrower than the height of the sofa and shorter than the sofas width - then you will need to find another route.


Please check there is enough space to manoeuvre taking into account the results of your doorway measurements.


Measure the narrowest point of the stairs:

  • If the stairs are wider than the sofas height - then the item should fit up the main stair run.
  • If the stairs are narrower than the sofas height - then it may be possible to lift the item over the bannisters, as long as there is enough room between the bannister and ceiling.
  • Be sure to measure any turns in the stairways especially areas where the sofa needs to be vertical, taking into account the height, depth, and width of the item.
  • Don’t forget to measure between where the ceiling is at its lowest point in relation to the stairs and check the fit.


  • Please take into account any fixtures, light fittings, etc that may get in the way.
  • Don’t forget to look at the amount of door swing in tight areas.
  • Some sofas have legs that can be removed, which can help.


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