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The Succulent Bowl | Hudson Home

The Succulent Bowl | Hudson Home

The Succulent Bowl

It’s fantastic that houseplants are as popular now as ever, with a broad choice on offer what better way to enjoy a bit of greenery in the home than growing your own succulent planter. A great centrepiece for any table or desk.

What You Need

  •     Carros Metal Bowl (or suitable bowl)
  •     Selection of succulents / Cacti / houseplants
  •     Fine gravel
  •     Soil
  •     Dry Moss
  •     Compost

The How To...

Prepare the bowl. Succulents don’t like to be sat in water so drainage is preferable. We recommend at least 2cm of a fine gravel as a base layer.

Add a layer of substrate, Cactus compost is best but not always accessible, normal potting compost will do.

The fun bit… planting! Let your creative freedom go riot here. Block out in pots to give yourself an overall view, there’s no right or wrong. Have a good mixture of plants, and vary the heights to maintain interest. We like to mix colour / foliage and plant type throughout the bowl. Trailing succulents are perfect to grow down the side of the bowl. Make sure you wear gloves for the prickly ones! If you’re using mini orchids they will look fabulous dotted in threes.

When you’re ready with your final design start by knocking out the pot, tease out the roots if pot bound and firm the plant into place. Start in the middle and work outwards. Don’t be afraid to pack the plants in tight, they don’t ask for much and will give a stunning display. Finish this step by backfilling any gaps with soil. Tip, if you get soil on the succulents themselves it’s a nightmare to get off, use a water spray bottle to blast them clean but be careful not to damage the plants.

You’re ready for the moss. Dry Moss is a great material to work with, it’s very forgiving and can hide a multitude of sins, we got ours from Amazon. Weave it into any gaps in between plants. The bowl should be coming together now, turn it often to make sure there isn’t any large gaps.

Water! Use the spray bottle to give a good mist to the leaves / foliage. An initial soak will do them good but as a rule of them only water when the soil starts to look dry. A weekly quick spritz should do the trick.

Your plants will grow and if you’re lucky, flower over time. We would love to see your creations so send them across to our Instagram page @hudsonhome_

Hudson Home x

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