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Here at Hudson Home, we pride ourselves on our keen eye for selecting beautiful art pieces.  We have carefully selected a mix of Canvas Prints, Frescoes and Giclee artworks to add that finishing touch to your home.


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raven print for home decor
woman writing in a blackboard vintage print
What factors should I consider when choosing canvas prints for my home?

When selecting canvas prints, consider the style and theme of your
space. Look for prints that complement your existing decor, whether it's
modern, traditional, or eclectic. Pay attention to the color scheme and
scale of the prints to ensure they harmonize with the room.
Additionally, consider the subject matter and mood of the artwork to
evoke the desired atmosphere in your home.

What are the benefits of choosing giclée art prints for my home?

Giclée art prints are high-quality reproductions of original artworks,
offering exceptional clarity, detail, and color accuracy. They are
printed using archival inks and papers, ensuring longevity and fade
resistance. Giclée prints are available in a wide range of sizes and can
be customized to fit any space, from small bedrooms to large living
areas. Whether you prefer landscapes, portraits, or abstract designs,
giclée prints offer a cost-effective way to enhance your home with
museum-quality art.

How can collages add visual interest and personality to my home?

Collages offer a creative and eclectic way to showcase multiple images
or artworks in a single composition. They can incorporate photographs,
magazine clippings, drawings, and other elements to tell a unique story
or reflect a particular theme. Collages are versatile and can be
customized to suit any space, from a cozy living room to a contemporary
office. When creating a collage for your home, experiment with different
textures, colors, and arrangements to create a visually dynamic focal

What considerations should I keep in mind when selecting art for my home?

Choosing art for your home is a personal and rewarding process that can
enhance the ambiance and reflect your unique style. Start by considering
the existing decor and color scheme of the room where the art will be
displayed. Look for pieces that complement the furniture, wall paint,
and overall aesthetic. Additionally, think about the mood or atmosphere
you want to create in the space—is it tranquil and serene, vibrant and
energetic, or somewhere in between? This will guide your selection
towards artwork that evokes the desired emotions. Don't be afraid to mix
styles and mediums to add visual interest and personality to your home.
Finally, trust your instincts and select pieces that resonate with you
on a deeper level, as art is ultimately a reflection of your taste and


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